Bethany’s Fiction – The Screaming Chapter

Bethany Nottington smiled. Her dad was right, as a teenager, she was wild. Pulling on her old, faded Hanson T-shirt, she smiled even more. Tonight would be a blast, Bethany, Timber, and Jilly planned on revisiting their pasts. “Tiger Beat, here I come!” Grabbing an ancient copy of the magazine, she skimmed through, found an adorable poster, and carefully ripped it out.

“Beth, time to go!” Timber called from below the window. “We don’t want to miss the chance at preshow screaming! We’ll make the Scream Squad deaf!”

Bethany rolled her eyes. Just because they were college students now, they should know better. But, when her friends suggested going as “teenies” Bethany’s heart thumped, and she could feel the excitement growing. “Okay, but if Isaac or Taylor complain, it was ALL your fault!”

“Yeah Beth, they will complain. People have been screaming at them for years, this will be our chance to shine.”

“Great, let’s go over and pick up Jilly,” Bethany smiled and ran down the last few steps, “I hope she remembered a poster…”

Timber snorted loudly, “The day Jilly forgets a poster for a concert, is the day I marry Nick Carter.”

Taylor grinned out at the audience. This was a great performance, and the three screaming girls in the back were making it hard not to burst out laughing. He couldn’t believe them, decked out in Hanson T-shirts, earthshattering old Tiger Beat posters, and screaming.

Taylor grinned some more; he hadn’t had to scream “teenies” at a concert in years. Isaac looked back, he was laughing to himself, those three were going nuts.

Striking the chords of the next song, Taylor scanned the crowd. He saw Jessie and Zander laughing their heads off, with Daniel sinking down as if to appear not with those two. His voice carried out singing with might he didn’t know was there.”I can feel the walls closing in
And I can hear frustration churning
I’m sick of clashing bodies
And minds turned and burning”Taylor opened his eyes, watching Isaac blend the music with the guitar. His eyes roamed the crowd again and paused at the door. A figure stood there, tall, blonde.

They looked so familiar, yet so foreign all at the same time. The figure shifted, and the light from the hall was cast upon his face, that face. Taylor lost any sense of time, he stopped playing, he just stared, that face. The faces around them spun, around and around, but Taylor could see that face. He felt those eyes it was so familiar. Taylor knew this man’s soul, but he knew not the identity.

Isaac cast a creepy look at Taylor; he had stopped playing, and was just staring there. Looking where Taylor’s gaze was bound, he saw a shadow disappear out the door. Ike looked uncomfortably out at the crowd; they were very confused by the sudden turn. “Uh, Taylor,” Ike began, praying to get off on a joke, “We know there are cute girls out there, but that one left. Would you like to go back to the music?”

The crowd chuckled, as Taylor brought himself into reality. “Sorry…I uh…”

“After affects of that guitar hitting you?”

“Yeah, after affects. All right, let’s try that one over…”

Isaac could tell his brother was still thinking about who ever was in that doorway, but he covered his thoughts, drowning them in his voice. The program ended, and Ike was anxious to find out what was wrong with Taylor.

“Tay,” Isaac rested his hand on his brother’s shoulder, “What happened? Who did you see?”

Taylor shuddered, he closed his eyes, trying to…he didn’t know what he was trying to do. In the least, he didn’t want to break down. Behind his eyes, he could see the walls, white clean walls. He could smell medicine, hear machines beeping, proving someone’s heart was still beating.

Taylor saw his father, leading him…they walked through a door. The bed at one end was a grim sight, with blonde hair spewing out from beneath a pillow. He could hear the body crying, sobbing, racked with tears.

Yet deep within he felt the anger. That anger that had ruined his life, and possibly his younger brother’s. He felt the age-old burning in his soul; he felt the pain he saw on that bed.

Taylor saw those eyes, staring at him from above the pillow. They searched him for emotion, they searched him for love, and he felt anger. Taylor’s throat croaked, he saw this past, “Zac, I’m…”

Isaac could barely hear Taylor’s words. But he knew that Taylor was reliving something, and he bet the end result wouldn’t be good. “Taylor,” Ike began in a clear commanding voice, “Tay, I think we should take you home.” Taylor’s face cleared, and his mind came in the realization of where he was.

“Ike, I saw…” he stumbled, looking for the right words, “I saw his soul.”

“Taylor, you’re staying with me and Allegro tonight, or at Mom and Dad’s, not by yourself. Where do you want to be?”

“I’ll go with you, closer to campus…” Taylor stood up and blindly followed Isaac to the car.

Taylor’s mystery man ran back to his dorm room. He felt something there, something he didn’t remember since the death of his parents.

He looked towards his computer, sitting there, waiting for Professor Nottington’s paper to be put in words. Sitting, he started typing but felt the waves of sleep wash over him. He closed his eyes and drifted off.

Bright lights flashed on to him. He felt the creak of the boat, and his stomach lurched, cars, boats, and planes, they all made him sick. He saw cameras flash, the light blinding him to complete darkness every time. Panic hit him, as he felt the walls closing in, as screams shouted through the dreams.

Arms, reached out to touch him, they tried to rip him apart, they wished to hurt him. The arms began screaming, and he felt the sudden horror of realization, of what they would do if they caught him.

He ran, running faster, yellow streaks ran near his feet and he felt his toes grow cold, and he felt himself swimming.

Isaac watched Taylor asleep on the couch. He guessed that Tay would be all right for the night. Closing the bedroom door behind him, he walked over to the bed and gathered Alli in his arms.

Taylor rolled around; he started seeing a room rise before him. The room was black, but there he was, asleep. A noise startled him, so he called out cautiously.

“Who’s there?”

“Tay?” A shaky voice drifted from below. “Tay, please…”

“Zac? What are you doing?” Taylor peered over the banister at the stairs and saw Zac curled up in a ball.

“Tay…they’re coming to get me!” Zac cried. Taylor saw his brother shaking, rocking, his eyes fluttered, he looked out of control.

“ZAC!” Taylor screamed this was the stupidest joke his brother had ever pulled. When I get my hands on you kid, damn it!

“Zachary Walker, you stop this shit before I beat you into the ground! Damn it! Stop!” Taylor was ranting uncontrollably. His brother wasn’t at fault, he could tell that now up close, but it was so frightening, anger was all he could use to shield himself.

He wanted to stop yelling, and help, but he was scared, and the anger made him feel braver. He felt the room spin, he saw Zac running, and then he was back to the black room. But now Zac had a friend…that face. It looked at Taylor, looking for emotion…looking for-

“NO!” Taylor screamed out, breaking the silence of the room. His eyes widened, as he saw Ike’s apartment, and heard someone coming out from the bedroom.

“Taylor?” Isaac rushed out, very worried, with Allegro right behind.

Taylor looked at Isaac, at loss for words. He surprised himself when his vocal cords uttered, “That face…”