To Make Me Who I Am

This story is fictional. It’s a twisted storyline thought up by my brain, in hopes to entertain someone. You must remember that this story is untrue. I have no association with Hanson, Mercury Records, Polygram, or fortunetellers. If I knew Hanson, I highly doubt I’d write about them. But that’s just me.

This story also has some graphic language, harsh situations, and adult nature. If I had to rate it…I guess it would be between pg13- R, depending upon the reader’s maturity, so be forewarned.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you like it and feel free to email about it. Or other things…I just ask that no one wishes for me to make them “Tay’s girlfriend” or something. (Sorry Tiy, it’s not going to happen…)

Everyone give a huge THANK YOU to Jilly, for taking the time to host and update this story. She’s being a real sweetheart and just deserves a word of praise.


Hate. They all hate me. I’ve burdened their lives, I’ll make the pain go away. I can end it. A young boy ran through a thick stand of trees. Speed gathered and he ran faster, faster. He reached his destination.

A swirling muddy creek roared past him as he watched the river go by. He sighed, feeling the weight of thirteen lifetimes pull him down. It always pulled him down.

He pulled others down. It was time to break the cycle. “Here we go around again…” the boy hummed. Moving to a small footbridge, he sat, staring, thinking.

“NO!” a girl screamed. This was the last time. The last time she would let him hit her.

“STOP IT!” she screamed again, and started running. Heading out a door and towards the creek, she could hear her father right behind her. Chasing her he was, always out to get her. When will he understand? When can we be normal?

Reaching the churning water, she turned, there had to be somewhere else to go. But she heard the heavy breath behind her, he was there, again she was too slow. “THAT, was the last time you will RUN!” anger penetrated the scream to a shrill pitch. “THE LAST TIME!” and with that the old man swung his arm out, hitting her hard, she felt her feet slip, she felt the cold water.

Pulling the yellow boots off, the boy brushed his tears away. He peeled his socks off, and grasping a boot in each hand, he slid his toes into the water…

“Oh, hi Tay,” Isaac said, glancing up as his brother walked in. Taylor grinned a little, “Hi Ike, hi Zander, hi Allegro.” Isaac turned back to the young women, continuing his endless rambling.

“Taylor,” Zander cried, “Save me…your brother is going to drown me in words!”

“Better you than me.”

“You cold heartless-“

“How’s Daniel?”

“Sweet adorable…Danny. He’s okay. I think he’s getting some premarital jitters, but hey that’s fine,” Zander laughed and walked over to Tay. Today would be tough for him, and even for her.

But her childhood friends had always been tough, and they had to get the final plans down for her wedding. “You doing alright? Tay?” Zandy brought Tay’s face towards her own, to look into his eyes.

“I’ll be fine. Been doing this for eight years, someday I’ll learn…But, it looks like the two on the couch need a reality check!” Taylor bounded over the couch and whapped his older brother with a pillow. “Ike, we know how you and Allegro have the hots for each other, but please, not here!”

Isaac laughed and looked a tad sheepish. Taylor always complained about his “behavior” when he was with Allegro. “Well, jeez, she’s a pretty, intelligent creature, and she’s mine…I think that’s reason to ignore you,” and Ike kissed Alli on the cheek.

“Ugh! Newlyweds, I give up!” Taylor turned a looked pointedly at Zan, “I better not see you and Dan acting like those two once you’re married. I don’t think so.”

“Awww. Poor little Tay, no girl to keep him out of married couples lives, so cute!”

“Last time I checked, you haven’t had a wedding. Or maybe I slept in that day…classes have been hard,” Taylor grinned sweetly. This was something he loved, egging on people, and Zandy always took the bait.

“Give me two days and nine hours, I’ll fix that,” this time Zander grinned, Taylor would never get the last word over her.